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 Trac 0.5.2 Release Notes
-March 1, 2004
+March 2, 2004
 Edgewall Software is pleased to announce the release of Trac 0.5.2.
+Updates in This Release
+This is primarily a bugfix  release, primarily fixing bugs found in 0.5.1.
+Higlights include performance improvements including cacheable CSS
+For complete details, see the ChangeLog at: 
+ <>
 About Edgewall
 For more information, visit our web site at <> 
 or email us at <>.
+Thank You
+Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed to the project, even at
+this early stage. Also thanks to everyone providing the feedback that helps
+us make Trac better, easier to use and more effective.
-We hope Trac will be useful, and look forward to public feedback.
+We hope this version Trac will prove itself useful to programmers all over the
+world and that it's improved from the last release. Let us know :-)