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-Trac 0.8.3 Release Notes
+Trac 0.8.4 Release Notes
-Jun 15, 2005
+Jun 19, 2005
-We're proud to present our latest release - Trac 0.8.3.
+We're proud to present our latest release - Trac 0.8.4.
 Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system, integrated with
 Subversion, for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic
 What's New
-A brief summary of major changes for this release:
- * Fix compatibility of 'trac-admin resync' with Subversion >= 1.2.
- * Settings page now works correctly when Trac is deployed at the
-   root of a host.
- * Windows packaging issues resolved.
+This release contains a security update. Trac <= 0.8.3 could be tricked into 
+uploading files outside the environment directory. All users are recommended 
+to upgrade. Vulnerability found by the Hardened-PHP project.
 For a more complete list of improvements, see the ChangeLog at: