trac-ticketlinks /

Diff from to
         'tracopt': extractors,
-    from trac.util.dist import get_l10n_js_cmdclass
+    from trac.dist import get_l10n_js_cmdclass
     extra['cmdclass'] = get_l10n_js_cmdclass()
-except ImportError, e:
+except ImportError:
+    import genshi
+except ImportError:
+    print "Genshi is needed by Trac setup, pre-installing"
+    # give some context to the warnings we might get when installing Genshi
     name = 'Trac',
     version = '0.12.2',
     test_suite = 'trac.test.suite',
     zip_safe = True,
+    setup_requires = [
+        'Genshi>=0.6',
+    ],
     install_requires = [
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