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  * Manage repositories in the "Repository" admin panel, with `trac-admin` or in the `[repositories]` section of [wiki:TracIni#repositories-section trac.ini].
  * Set up a call to `trac-admin $ENV changeset added $REPO $REV` in the post-commit hook of each repository. Additionally, add a call to `trac-admin $ENV changeset modified $REPO $REV` in the post-revprop-change hook of repositories allowing revision property changes.
  * Set the `[trac] repository_sync_per_request` option to an empty value to disable per-request syncing.
+ * Make sure the user under which your Subversion hooks are run has write access to the Trac environment, or use a tool like `sudo` to temporarily elevate privileges.
 == Specifying repositories == #Repositories
 Starting with 0.12, Trac can handle more than one repository per environment. The pre-0.12 way of specifying the repository with the `repository_dir` and `repository_type` options in the `[trac]` section of [wiki:TracIni trac.ini] is still supported, but two new mechanisms allow including additional repositories into an environment.