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+<div style="font-size: 80%" class="trac-macrolist">
+<h3><code>[[Image]]</code></h3>Embed an image in wiki-formatted text.
+The first argument is the file …
+<h3><code>[[InterTrac]]</code></h3>Provide a list of known <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/InterTrac">InterTrac</a> prefixes.
+<h3><code>[[InterWiki]]</code></h3>Provide a description list for the known <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/InterWiki">InterWiki</a> prefixes.
+<h3><code>[[KnownMimeTypes]]</code></h3>List all known mime-types which can be used as <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/WikiProcessors">WikiProcessors</a>.
+Can be …</div>
 == Available Macros ==