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Filename Size Date modified Message
205 B
.gitignore should actually ignore .hg, not .git
64 B
Merge 0.12-stable into ticket-links-trunk
219 B
Augment .hgignore
726 B
Added jomae to the list of authors, starting from Trac milestone:0.12.2.
1.4 KB
0.12.2dev: Updated user-visible copyright years.
27.6 KB
0.12.2: prepare version strings for tagging the release.
5.0 KB
Prepare for 0.12b1
10.7 KB
Makefile: pass `$(testopts)` options to test commands
1.4 KB
Makefile: added a `make server` target for running tracd.
689 B
Update link to project site in all the boilerplate etc.
1.4 KB
Prepare for 0.12
5.3 KB
0.12dev: Re-added a few `svn:*` properties that seem never to have reached multirepos, and have therefore disappeared during the merge.
5.8 KB
0.12-stable/i18n/cs: major update to the Czech translation contributed by Tomáš Čapek (60% -> 98%).
8.4 KB
Prepare for 0.12b1
233 B
0.12.2dev: Moves get_l10n_js_cmdclass and get_l10n_cmdclass from `trac.util.dist` to `trac.dist`. It be able to import `*_cmdclasses` in without Genshi.
1.1 KB
0.12-stable is now 0.12.3dev
5.5 KB
Merge 0.12-stable into ticket-links-trunk
40.0 KB
Made a custom bdist_wininst with good default values. Added installer banner

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