trac-ticketlinks / wiki-macros /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This macro shows a quick and dirty way to make a table-of-contents for a set
of wiki pages.

TOC = [('TracGuide',                    'Index'),
       ('TracInstall',                  'Installation'),
       ('TracUpgrade',                  'Upgrading'),
       ('TracIni',                      'Configuration'),
       ('TracAdmin',                    'Administration'),
       ('TracBackup',                   'Backup'),
       ('TracLogging',                  'Logging'),
       ('TracPermissions' ,             'Permissions'),
       ('TracWiki',                     'The Wiki'),
       ('WikiFormatting',               'Wiki Formatting'),
       ('TracTimeline',                 'Timeline'),
       ('TracBrowser',                  'Repository Browser'),
       ('TracChangeset',                'Changesets'),
       ('TracRoadmap',                  'Roadmap'),
       ('TracTickets',                  'Tickets'),
       ('TracQuery',                    'Ticket Queries'),
       ('TracReports',                  'Reports'),
       ('TracRss',                      'RSS Support'),
       ('TracNotification',             'Notification'),
       ('TracInterfaceCustomization',   'Customization'),
       ('TracPlugins',                  'Plugins'),

def execute(hdf, args, env):
    html = '<div class="wiki-toc">' \
           '<h4>Table of Contents</h4>' \
    curpage = '%s' % hdf.getValue('wiki.page_name', '')
    lang, page = '/' in curpage and curpage.split('/', 1) or ('', curpage)
    for ref, title in TOC:
        if page == ref:
            cls =  ' class="active"'
            cls = ''
        html += '<li%s><a href="%s">%s</a></li>' \
                % (cls,, title)
    return html + '</ul></div>'
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