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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2005-2009 Edgewall Software
# Copyright (C) 2005 Christopher Lenz <>
# Copyright (C) 2005-2007 Christian Boos <>
# All rights reserved.
# This software is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which
# you should have received as part of this distribution. The terms
# are also available at
# This software consists of voluntary contributions made by many
# individuals. For the exact contribution history, see the revision
# history and logs, available at
# Author: Christopher Lenz <>
#         Christian Boos <>

import posixpath

from genshi.builder import tag

from trac.core import *
from trac.versioncontrol.api import NoSuchNode, RepositoryManager
from trac.versioncontrol.svn_fs import _path_within_scope
from trac.versioncontrol.web_ui.browser import IPropertyRenderer
from trac.versioncontrol.web_ui.changeset import IPropertyDiffRenderer
from trac.util import Ranges, to_ranges
from trac.util.translation import _, tag_

class SubversionPropertyRenderer(Component):

    def __init__(self):
        self._externals_map = {}

    # IPropertyRenderer methods

    def match_property(self, name, mode):
        if name in ('svn:externals', 'svn:needs-lock'):
            return 4
        return name in ('svn:mergeinfo', 'svnmerge-blocked',
                        'svnmerge-integrated') and 2 or 0
    def render_property(self, name, mode, context, props):
        if name == 'svn:externals':
            return self._render_externals(props[name])
        elif name == 'svn:needs-lock':
            return self._render_needslock(context)
        elif name == 'svn:mergeinfo' or name.startswith('svnmerge-'):
            return self._render_mergeinfo(name, mode, context, props)

    def _render_externals(self, prop):
        if not self._externals_map:
            for dummykey, value in self.config.options('svn:externals'):
                value = value.split()
                if len(value) != 2:
                    self.log.warn("svn:externals entry %s doesn't contain "
                            "a space-separated key value pair, skipping.", 
                key, value = value
                self._externals_map[key] = value.replace('%', '%%') \
                                           .replace('$path', '%(path)s') \
                                           .replace('$rev', '%(rev)s')
        externals = []
        for external in prop.splitlines():
            elements = external.split()
            if not elements:
            localpath, rev, url = elements[0], '', elements[-1]
            if localpath.startswith('#'):
                externals.append((external, None, None, None, None))
            if len(elements) == 3:
                rev = elements[1]
                rev = rev.replace('-r', '')
            # retrieve a matching entry in the externals map
            prefix = []
            base_url = url
            while base_url:
                if base_url in self._externals_map or base_url == u'/':
                base_url, pref = posixpath.split(base_url)
            href = self._externals_map.get(base_url)
            revstr = rev and ' at revision '+rev or ''
            if not href and (url.startswith('http://') or 
                href = url.replace('%', '%%')
            if href:
                remotepath = ''
                if prefix:
                    remotepath = posixpath.join(*reversed(prefix))
                externals.append((localpath, revstr, base_url, remotepath,
                                  href % {'path': remotepath, 'rev': rev}))
                externals.append((localpath, revstr, url, None, None))
        externals_data = []
        for localpath, rev, url, remotepath, href in externals:
            label = localpath
            if url is None:
                title = ''
            elif href:
                if url:
                    url = ' in ' + url
                label += rev + url
                title = ''.join((remotepath, rev, url))
                title = _('No svn:externals configured in trac.ini')
            externals_data.append((label, href, title))
        return tag.ul([, href=href, title=title))
                       for label, href, title in externals_data])

    def _render_needslock(self, context):
        return tag.img('common/lock-locked.png'),
                       alt="needs lock", title="needs lock")

    def _render_mergeinfo(self, name, mode, context, props):
        rows = []
        for row in props[name].splitlines():
                (path, revs) = row.rsplit(':', 1)
                   ',', u',\u200b'))])
            except ValueError:
                rows.append(, colspan=2))
        return tag.table(tag.tbody([ for row in rows]),

class SubversionMergePropertyRenderer(Component):

    # IPropertyRenderer methods

    def match_property(self, name, mode):
        return name in ('svn:mergeinfo', 'svnmerge-blocked',
                        'svnmerge-integrated') and 4 or 0
    def render_property(self, name, mode, context, props):
        """Parse svn:mergeinfo and svnmerge-* properties, converting branch
        names to links and providing links to the revision log for merged
        and eligible revisions.
        has_eligible = name in ('svnmerge-integrated', 'svn:mergeinfo')
        revs_label = (_('merged'), _('blocked'))[name.endswith('blocked')]
        revs_cols = has_eligible and 2 or None
        reponame =
        target_path =
        repos = RepositoryManager(self.env).get_repository(reponame)
        target_rev = context.resource.version
        if has_eligible:
            node = repos.get_node(target_path, target_rev)
            branch_starts = {}
            for path, rev in node.get_copy_ancestry(): 
                if path not in branch_starts:
                    branch_starts[path] = rev + 1
        rows = []
        if name.startswith('svnmerge-'):
            sources = props[name].split()
            sources = props[name].splitlines()
        for line in sources:
            path, revs = line.split(':', 1)
            spath = _path_within_scope(repos.scope, path)
            if spath is None:
            revs = revs.strip()
            inheritable, non_inheritable = _partition_inheritable(revs)
            revs = ','.join(inheritable)
            deleted = False
                node = repos.get_node(spath, target_rev)
                resource = context.resource.parent.child('source', spath)
                if 'LOG_VIEW' in context.perm(resource):
                    row = [_get_source_link(spath, context),
                           _get_revs_link(revs_label, context, spath, revs)]
                    if non_inheritable:
                        non_inheritable = ','.join(non_inheritable)
                        row.append(_get_revs_link(_('non-inheritable'), context,
                                                  spath, non_inheritable,
                                                  _('merged on the directory '
                                                    'itself but not below')))
                    if has_eligible:
                        first_rev = branch_starts.get(spath)
                        if not first_rev:
                            first_rev = node.get_branch_origin()
                        eligible = set(xrange(first_rev or 1, target_rev + 1))
                        eligible -= set(Ranges(revs))
                        blocked = _get_blocked_revs(props, name, spath)
                        if blocked:
                            eligible -= set(Ranges(blocked))
                        if eligible:
                            nrevs = repos._get_node_revs(spath, max(eligible),
                            eligible &= set(nrevs)
                        eligible = to_ranges(eligible)
                        row.append(_get_revs_link(_('eligible'), context,
                                                  spath, eligible))
                    rows.append((False, spath, [ for each in row]))
            except NoSuchNode:
                deleted = True
            revs = revs.replace(',', u',\u200b')
            rows.append((deleted, spath,
                         ['/' + spath),
                , colspan=revs_cols)]))
        if not rows:
            return None
        has_deleted = rows and rows[-1][0] or None
        return tag(has_deleted and tag.a(_('(toggle deleted branches)'),
                       [, class_=deleted and 'trac-deleted' or None)
                        for deleted, spath, row in rows]), class_='props'))

def _partition_inheritable(revs):
    """Non-inheritable revision ranges are marked with a trailing '*'."""
    inheritable, non_inheritable = [], []           
    for r in revs.split(','):
        if r and r[-1] == '*':
    return inheritable, non_inheritable

def _get_blocked_revs(props, name, path):
    """Return the revisions blocked from merging for the given property
    name and path.
    if name == 'svnmerge-integrated':
        prop = props.get('svnmerge-blocked', '')
        return ""
    for line in prop.splitlines():
            p, revs = line.split(':', 1)
            if p.strip('/') == path:
                return revs
        except Exception:
    return ""

def _get_source_link(spath, context):
    """Return a link to a merge source."""
    reponame =
    return tag.a('/' + spath, title=_('View merge source'),
                 href=context.href.browser(reponame or None, spath,

def _get_revs_link(label, context, spath, revs, title=None):
    """Return a link to the revision log when more than one revision is
    given, to the revision itself for a single revision, or a `<span>`
    with "no revision" for none.
    reponame =
    if not revs:
        return tag.span(label, title=_('No revisions'))
    elif ',' in revs or '-' in revs:
        revs_href = context.href.log(reponame or None, spath, revs=revs)
        revs_href = context.href.changeset(revs, reponame or None, spath)
    revs = revs.replace(',', ', ')
    if title:
        title = _("%(title)s: %(revs)s", title=title, revs=revs)
        title = revs
    return tag.a(label, title=title, href=revs_href)

class SubversionMergePropertyDiffRenderer(Component):

    # IPropertyDiffRenderer methods

    def match_property_diff(self, name):
        return name in ('svn:mergeinfo', 'svnmerge-blocked',
                        'svnmerge-integrated') and 4 or 0

    def render_property_diff(self, name, old_context, old_props,
                             new_context, new_props, options):
        # Build 5 columns table showing modifications on merge sources
        # || source || added || removed || added (ni) || removed (ni) ||
        # || source || removed                                        ||
        rm = RepositoryManager(self.env)
        repos = rm.get_repository(
        def parse_sources(props):
            sources = {}
            for line in props[name].splitlines():
                path, revs = line.split(':', 1)
                spath = _path_within_scope(repos.scope, path)
                if spath is not None:
                    inheritable, non_inheritable = _partition_inheritable(revs)
                    sources[spath] = (set(Ranges(inheritable)),
            return sources
        old_sources = parse_sources(old_props)
        new_sources = parse_sources(new_props)
        # Go through new sources, detect modified ones or added ones
        blocked = name.endswith('blocked')
        added_label = [_("merged: "), _("blocked: ")][blocked]
        removed_label = [_("reverse-merged: "), _("un-blocked: ")][blocked]
        added_ni_label = _("marked as non-inheritable: ")
        removed_ni_label = _("unmarked as non-inheritable: ")
        def revs_link(revs, context):
            if revs:
                revs = to_ranges(revs)
                return _get_revs_link(revs.replace(',', u',\u200b'),
                                      context, spath, revs)
        modified_sources = []
        for spath, (new_revs, new_revs_ni) in new_sources.iteritems():
            if spath in old_sources:
                (old_revs, old_revs_ni), status = old_sources.pop(spath), None
                old_revs = old_revs_ni = set()
                status = _(' (added)')
            added = new_revs - old_revs
            removed = old_revs - new_revs
            added_ni = new_revs_ni - old_revs_ni
            removed_ni = old_revs_ni - new_revs_ni
                all_revs = set(repos._get_node_revs(spath))
                # TODO: also pass first_rev here, for getting smaller a set
                #       (this is an optmization fix, result is already correct)
                added &= all_revs
                removed &= all_revs
                added_ni &= all_revs
                removed_ni &= all_revs
            except NoSuchNode:
            if added or removed:
                    spath, [_get_source_link(spath, new_context), status],
                    added and tag(added_label, revs_link(added, new_context)),
                    removed and tag(removed_label,
                                    revs_link(removed, old_context)),
                    added_ni and tag(added_ni_label, 
                                     revs_link(added_ni, new_context)),
                    removed_ni and tag(removed_ni_label,
                                       revs_link(removed_ni, old_context))
        # Go through remaining old sources, those were deleted
        removed_sources = []
        for spath, old_revs in old_sources.iteritems():
                                    _get_source_link(spath, old_context)))
        if modified_sources or removed_sources:
            changes = tag.table(tag.tbody(
                [ for c in cols[1:]) 
                 for cols in modified_sources],
                [,'removed'), colspan=4))
                 for spath, src in removed_sources]), class_='props')
            changes = tag.em(_(' (with no actual effect on merging)'))
        return'Property %(prop)s changed', prop=tag.strong(name)),