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= The Trac Timeline =

The timeline provides a historic view of the project in a single report.

It lists all Trac events that have occured in chronological order, a
brief description of each event and if applicable, the person responsible for
the change.

The timeline lists these kinds of events:
 * '''Wiki page events''' -- Creation and changes
 * '''Ticket events''' -- Creation and resolution/closing (and optionally other changes)
 * '''Source code changes ''' -- Repository check-ins
 * '''Milestone ''' -- Milestone completed

Each event entry provides a hyperlink to the specific event in question, as well as
a brief excerpt of the actual comment or text, if available.

See [wiki:TracIni#timeline TracIni] for timeline configuration options.

== RSS Support ==

The Timeline module supports subscription using RSS 2.0 syndication. To subscribe to project events, click orange '''XML''' icon at the bottom of the page. See TracRss for more information on RSS support in Trac.

See also: TracGuide, TracWiki, WikiFormatting, TracRss, TracNotification