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= TracLinks in reStructuredText =

This document is for testing the ``..trac::`` directive. The page is written like




This is a list of example uses of the ''trac'' directive, providing use of TracLinks in WikiRestructuredText.



trac role
Syntax is \`link\`\:trac: or :trac:\`link\`, and could be put anywhere in the text. 'link' has the same format as explain for the ``.. trac::`` directive below.

``In the middle of my text `WikiFormatting`:trac: see!!!!`` 
   In the middle of my text `WikiFormatting`:trac: see!!!!


``In the middle of my text :trac:`WikiFormatting` see!!!!`` 
   In the middle of my text :trac:`WikiFormatting` see!!!!

``.. trac:: WikiFormatting``
	.. trac:: WikiFormatting

``.. trac:: wiki:WikiFormatting``
       .. trac:: wiki:WikiFormatting

``.. trac:: wiki:WikiFormatting WikiFormatting``
	.. trac:: wiki:WikiFormatting WikiFormatting

``.. trac:: wiki:WikiFormatting LinkText``
	.. trac:: wiki:WikiFormatting LinkText


``.. trac:: #1``
	.. trac:: #1
``.. trac:: #1 ticket one``
	.. trac:: #1 ticket one
``.. trac:: ticket:1``
	.. trac:: ticket:1
``.. trac:: ticket:1 ticket one``
	.. trac:: ticket:1 ticket one


``.. trac:: {1}``
	.. trac:: {1}
``.. trac:: {1} report one``
        .. trac:: {1} report one
``.. trac:: report:1``
	.. trac:: report:1
``.. trac:: report:1 report one``
	.. trac:: report:1 report one


``.. trac:: [42]``
	.. trac:: [42]
``.. trac:: [42] changeset 42``
	.. trac:: [42] changeset 42
``.. trac:: changeset:42``
	.. trac:: changeset:42
``.. trac:: changeset:42 changeset 42``
	.. trac:: changeset:42 changeset 42
``.. trac:: foo``
	.. trac:: foo


``.. trac:: browser:/trunk/trac``
	.. trac:: browser:/trunk/trac

The leading ``/`` can be omitted...

``.. trac:: repos:trunk/trac trunk/trac``
	.. trac:: repos:trunk/trac trunk/trac
``.. trac:: source:trunk/trac Trac source code``
	.. trac:: source:trunk/trac Trac source code

``.. trac:: browser:trunk/README``
	.. trac:: browser:trunk/README
``.. trac:: repos:trunk/README trunk/README``
	.. trac:: repos:trunk/README trunk/README
``.. trac:: source:trunk/README README in trunk``
	.. trac:: source:trunk/README README in trunk

Note that if ``hoo`` is a file, the link targets its revision log. In order to see the file's content, you need to specify the revision explicitely, like here:

``.. trac:: browser:/trunk/README#latest latest of trunk/README``
	.. trac:: browser:/trunk/README#latest latest of trunk/README
``.. trac:: repos:trunk/README#42 trunk/README in rev 42``
	.. trac:: repos:trunk/README#42 trunk/README in rev 42

See also: WikiRestructuredTextLinks, TracLinks
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