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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Edgewall Software
# Copyright (C) 2003-2005 Jonas Borgström <>
# Copyright (C) 2004-2005 Christopher Lenz <>
# All rights reserved.
# This software is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which
# you should have received as part of this distribution. The terms
# are also available at
# This software consists of voluntary contributions made by many
# individuals. For the exact contribution history, see the revision
# history and logs, available at
# Author: Jonas Borgström <>
#         Christopher Lenz <>

    import threading
except ImportError:
    import dummy_threading as threading
import time
import urllib
import re
from StringIO import StringIO

from genshi.builder import tag

from trac.config import BoolOption
from trac.core import *
from trac.resource import IResourceManager
from trac.util import reversed, pairwise
from trac.util.html import html
from trac.util.translation import _
from import WikiParser

class IWikiChangeListener(Interface):
    """Extension point interface for components that should get notified about
    the creation, deletion and modification of wiki pages.

    def wiki_page_added(page):
        """Called whenever a new Wiki page is added."""

    def wiki_page_changed(page, version, t, comment, author, ipnr):
        """Called when a page has been modified."""

    def wiki_page_deleted(page):
        """Called when a page has been deleted."""

    def wiki_page_version_deleted(page):
        """Called when a version of a page has been deleted."""

class IWikiPageManipulator(Interface):
    """Extension point interface for components that need to do specific
    pre and post processing of wiki page changes.
    Unlike change listeners, a manipulator can reject changes being committed
    to the database.

    def prepare_wiki_page(req, page, fields):
        """Not currently called, but should be provided for future

    def validate_wiki_page(req, page):
        """Validate a wiki page after it's been populated from user input.
        Must return a list of `(field, message)` tuples, one for each problem
        detected. `field` can be `None` to indicate an overall problem with the
        page. Therefore, a return value of `[]` means everything is OK."""

class IWikiMacroProvider(Interface):
    """Extension point interface for components that provide Wiki macros."""

    def get_macros():
        """Return an iterable that provides the names of the provided macros."""

    def get_macro_description(name):
        """Return a plain text description of the macro with the specified name.

    def render_macro(req, name, content):
        """Return the HTML output of the macro (deprecated)"""

    def expand_macro(formatter, name, content):
        """Called by the formatter when rendering the parsed wiki text.

        (since 0.11)

class IWikiSyntaxProvider(Interface):
    def get_wiki_syntax():
        """Return an iterable that provides additional wiki syntax.

        Additional wiki syntax correspond to a pair of (regexp, cb),
        the `regexp` for the additional syntax and the callback `cb`
        which will be called if there's a match.
        That function is of the form cb(formatter, ns, match).
    def get_link_resolvers():
        """Return an iterable over (namespace, formatter) tuples.

        Each formatter should be a function of the form
        fmt(formatter, ns, target, label), and should
        return some HTML fragment.
        The `label` is already HTML escaped, whereas the `target` is not.

def parse_args(args, strict=True):
    """Utility for parsing macro "content" and splitting them into arguments.

    The content is split along commas, unless they are escaped with a
    backquote (like this: \,).
    :param args: macros arguments, as plain text
    :param strict: if `True`, only Python-like identifiers will be
                   recognized as keyword arguments 

    Example usage:

    >>> parse_args('')
    ([], {})
    >>> parse_args('Some text')
    (['Some text'], {})
    >>> parse_args('Some text, mode= 3, some other arg\, with a comma.')
    (['Some text', ' some other arg, with a comma.'], {'mode': ' 3'})
    >>> parse_args('milestone=milestone1,status!=closed', strict=False)
    ([], {'status!': 'closed', 'milestone': 'milestone1'})
    largs, kwargs = [], {}
    if args:
        for arg in re.split(r'(?<!\\),', args):
            arg = arg.replace(r'\,', ',')
            if strict:
                m = re.match(r'\s*[a-zA-Z_]\w+=', arg)
                m = re.match(r'\s*[^=]+=', arg)
            if m:
                kw = arg[:m.end()-1].strip()
                if strict:
                    kw = unicode(kw).encode('utf-8')
                kwargs[kw] = arg[m.end():]
    return largs, kwargs

class WikiSystem(Component):
    """Represents the wiki system."""

    implements(IWikiChangeListener, IWikiSyntaxProvider, IResourceManager)

    change_listeners = ExtensionPoint(IWikiChangeListener)
    macro_providers = ExtensionPoint(IWikiMacroProvider)
    syntax_providers = ExtensionPoint(IWikiSyntaxProvider)

    INDEX_UPDATE_INTERVAL = 5 # seconds

    ignore_missing_pages = BoolOption('wiki', 'ignore_missing_pages', 'false',
        """Enable/disable highlighting CamelCase links to missing pages
        (''since 0.9'').""")

    split_page_names = BoolOption('wiki', 'split_page_names', 'false',
        """Enable/disable splitting the WikiPageNames with space characters
        (''since 0.10'').""")

    render_unsafe_content = BoolOption('wiki', 'render_unsafe_content', 'false',
        """Enable/disable the use of unsafe HTML tags such as `<script>` or
        `<embed>` with the HTML [wiki:WikiProcessors WikiProcessor]
        (''since 0.10.4'').

        For public sites where anonymous users can edit the wiki it is
        recommended to leave this option disabled (which is the default).""")

    def __init__(self):
        self._index = None
        self._last_index_update = 0
        self._index_lock = threading.RLock()

    def _update_index(self):
            now = time.time()
            if now > self._last_index_update + WikiSystem.INDEX_UPDATE_INTERVAL:
                self.log.debug('Updating wiki page index')
                db = self.env.get_db_cnx()
                cursor = db.cursor()
                cursor.execute("SELECT DISTINCT name FROM wiki")
                self._index = {}
                for (name,) in cursor:
                    self._index[name] = True
                self._last_index_update = now

    # Public API

    def get_pages(self, prefix=None):
        """Iterate over the names of existing Wiki pages.

        If the `prefix` parameter is given, only names that start with that
        prefix are included.
        # Note: use of keys() is intentional since iterkeys() is prone to
        # errors with concurrent modification
        for page in self._index.keys():
            if not prefix or page.startswith(prefix):
                yield page

    def has_page(self, pagename):
        """Whether a page with the specified name exists."""
        return self._index.has_key(pagename.rstrip('/'))

    # IWikiChangeListener methods

    def wiki_page_added(self, page):
        if not self.has_page(
            self.log.debug('Adding page %s to index' %
            self._index[] = True

    def wiki_page_changed(self, page, version, t, comment, author, ipnr):

    def wiki_page_deleted(self, page):
        if self.has_page(
            self.log.debug('Removing page %s from index' %
            del self._index[]

    def wiki_page_version_deleted(self, page):

    # IWikiSyntaxProvider methods

    XML_NAME = r"[\w:](?<!\d)(?:[\w:.-]*[\w-])?"
    # See,
    # here adapted to exclude terminal "." and ":" characters

    PAGE_SPLIT_RE = re.compile(r"([a-z])([A-Z])(?=[a-z])")
    def format_page_name(self, page, split=False):
        if split or self.split_page_names:
            return self.PAGE_SPLIT_RE.sub(r"\1 \2", page)
        return page

    def get_wiki_syntax(self):
        from import Formatter
        lower = r'(?<![A-Z0-9_])' # No Upper case when looking behind
        upper = r'(?<![a-z0-9_])' # No Lower case when looking behind
        wiki_page_name = (
            r"\w%s(?:\w%s)+(?:\w%s(?:\w%s)*[\w/]%s)+" % # wiki words
            (upper, lower, upper, lower, lower) +
            r"(?:@\d+)?" # optional version
            r"(?:#%s)?" % self.XML_NAME + # optional fragment id
            r"(?=:(?:\Z|\s)|[^:a-zA-Z]|\s|\Z)" # what should follow it

        def check_unicode_camelcase(pagename):
            if not pagename[0].isupper():
                return False
            pagename = pagename.split('@', 1)[0].split('#', 1)[0]
            if not pagename[-1].islower():
                return False
            humps = 0
            for a, b in pairwise(pagename):
                if a.isupper():
                    if b.islower():
                        humps += 1
                        return False
            return humps > 1
        # Regular WikiPageNames
        def wikipagename_link(formatter, match, fullmatch):
            if not check_unicode_camelcase(match):
                return match
            return self._format_link(formatter, 'wiki', match,
        yield (r"!?(?<!/)\b" + # start at a word boundary but not after '/'
               wiki_page_name, wikipagename_link)

        # [WikiPageNames with label]
        def wikipagename_with_label_link(formatter, match, fullmatch):
            page, label = match[1:-1].split(' ', 1)
            if not check_unicode_camelcase(page):
                return label
            return self._format_link(formatter, 'wiki', page, label.strip(),
        yield (r"!?\[%s\s+(?:%s|[^\]]+)\]" % (wiki_page_name,

        # MoinMoin's ["internal free link"] 
        def internal_free_link(fmt, m, fullmatch): 
            return self._format_link(fmt, 'wiki', m[2:-2], m[2:-2], False) 
        yield (r"!?\[(?:%s)\]" % WikiParser.QUOTED_STRING, internal_free_link) 

    def get_link_resolvers(self):
        def link_resolver(formatter, ns, target, label):
            return self._format_link(formatter, ns, target, label, False)
        yield ('wiki', link_resolver)

    def _format_link(self, formatter, ns, pagename, label, ignore_missing):
        pagename, query, fragment = formatter.split_link(pagename)
        version = None
        if '@' in pagename:
            pagename, version = pagename.split('@', 1)
        if version and query:
            query = '&' + query[1:]
        pagename = pagename.rstrip('/')
        if 'WIKI_VIEW' in formatter.perm('wiki', pagename, version):
            href =, version=version) + query \
                   + fragment
            if self.has_page(pagename):
                return tag.a(label, href=href, class_='wiki')
                if ignore_missing:
                    return label
                return tag.a(label+'?', href=href, class_='missing wiki',
        elif ignore_missing and not self.has_page(pagename):
            return label
            return tag.span(label, class_='forbidden wiki',
                            title=_("no permission to view this wiki page"))

    # IResourceManager methods

    def get_resource_realms(self):
        yield 'wiki'

    def get_resource_description(self, resource, format, **kwargs):
        >>> from trac.test import EnvironmentStub
        >>> from trac.resource import Resource, get_resource_description
        >>> env = EnvironmentStub()
        >>> main = Resource('wiki', 'WikiStart')
        >>> get_resource_description(env, main)

        >>> get_resource_description(env, main(version=3))

        >>> get_resource_description(env, main(version=3), format='summary')

        >>> env.config['wiki'].set('split_page_names', 'true')
        >>> get_resource_description(env, main(version=3))
        'Wiki Start'
        return self.format_page_name(