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== Trac Permissions ==

Trac uses a flexible permission system to control what different users can do
in the system.

When a user first uses a system he/she will be able to do certain things. 
Exactly what he/she can do depend on which privileges you have granted to
the special user {{{anonymous}}}.
In addition to these privileges different users can be granted additional 
rights as soon as they login into the system.

=== Available privileges ===

 * {{{LOG_VIEW}}}
 * {{{FILE_VIEW}}}
 * {{{SEARCH_VIEW}}}

The {{{something_ADMIN}}} privileges are just shortcuts that can be used to grant a user all the ''something'' privileges in one go.

=== Granting privileges ===

Currently the only way to grant privileges to users is by using the
{{{}}} script. The current set of privileges can be listed
with the following command:

  $ /path/to/my.db permission list

This command will let the user ''bob'' to delete reports:

  $ /path/to/my.db permission add bob REPORT_DELETE

=== Default permissions ===

Granting privileges to the special user ''anonymous'' can be used to control
what an anonymous user can do before they have logged in.
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