trac-ticketlinks / templates / timeline_rss.cs

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- RSS generated by Trac v<?cs var:$trac.version ?> on <?cs var:$trac.time ?> -->
<rss version="2.0">
   <?cs set base_url = $HTTP.Protocol+'://'+$HTTP.Host ?>
   <?cs if $HTTP.Port ?>
     <?cs set base_url = $base_url + ':' + $HTTP.Port ?>
   <?cs /if ?>
   <?cs def:rss_item(category,title, link, descr) ?>
        <?cs if:$ ?>
         <author><?cs var:$ ?></author>
        <?cs /if ?>
        <pubDate><?cs var:$item.datetime ?></pubDate>
        <title><?cs var:$title ?></title>
        <link><?cs var:$base_url ?><?cs var:$link ?></link>
        <description><?cs var:$descr ?></description>
        <category><?cs var:$category ?></category>
   <?cs /def ?>
      <?cs if $ ?>
        <title><?cs var:$ ?>: <?cs var:$title ?></title>
      <?cs else ?>
        <title><?cs var:$title ?></title>
      <?cs /if ?>
      <link><?cs var:$base_url ?><?cs var:$trac.href.timeline ?></link>
      <description>Trac Timeline</description>
      <generator>Trac v<?cs var:$trac.version ?></generator>
        <title><?cs var:$ ?></title>
        <url><?cs if !$header_logo.src_abs ?><?cs var:$base_url ?><?cs /if ?><?cs var $header_logo.src ?></url>
        <link><?cs var:$base_url ?><?cs var:$trac.href.timeline ?></link>
      <?cs each:item = $timeline.items ?><?cs
        if:item.type == #1 
        ?><!-- Changeset --><?cs call:rss_item('Changeset',
                             'Changeset ['+$item.idata+'] by '+$, 
                             $item.href, $item.msg_escwiki) 
        ?><?cs elif:item.type == #2 
        ?><!-- New ticket --> <?cs call:rss_item('Ticket',
                             'Ticket #'+$item.idata+' created by '+$,
                             $item.href, $item.msg_escwiki) 
        ?><?cs elif:item.type == #3
        ?><!-- Closed ticket --> <?cs call:rss_item('Ticket',
                             'Ticket #'+$item.idata+' resolved: '+$item.shortmsg,
                             $item.href, $item.msg_escwiki) 
        ?><?cs elif:item.type == #4 
        ?><!-- Reopened ticket --><?cs call:rss_item('Ticket',
                             '#'+$item.idata+' reopened: '+$item.shortmsg,
                             $item.href, $item.msg_escwiki) 
        ?><?cs elif:item.type == #5 
        ?><!-- Wiki change --><?cs call:rss_item('Wiki',
                             $item.tdata+" page edited.",
'Wiki page &lt;a href="'+$base_url+$item.href+'"&gt;'+$item.tdata+'&lt;/a&gt; edited by '+$ ?>
        <?cs elif:item.type == #6 ?><!-- Milestones -->
          <?cs call:rss_item('Milestone',
                             'Milestone ' + $item.message.rss + ' reached.',
               'Milestone ' + $item.tdata + ' reached.') ?>
        <?cs /if ?>
      <?cs /each ?>
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