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trac-ticketlinks / templates / search.cs

<?cs include:"header.cs"?>
<script type="text/javascript">
addEvent(window, 'load', function() { document.getElementById('q').focus()}); 
<div id="ctxtnav" class="nav"><?cs
 with:links = chrome.links ?><?cs
  if:len(links.prev) || len(links.next) ?><ul><?cs
   if:len(links.prev) ?>
    <li class="first<?cs if:!len(links.up) && !len(links.next) ?> last<?cs /if ?>">
     &larr; <a href="<?cs var:links.prev.0.href ?>"><?cs
       var:links.prev.0.title ?></a>
   /if ?><?cs
   if:len(links.next) ?>
    <li class="<?cs if:!len(links.prev) && !len(links.up) ?>first <?cs /if ?>last">
     <a href="<?cs var:links.next.0.href ?>"><?cs
       var:links.next.0.title ?></a> &rarr;
   /if ?></ul><?cs
  /if ?><?cs
 /with ?>

<div id="content" class="search">

<h1><label for="q">Search</label></h1>
<form action="<?cs var:trac.href.search ?>" method="get">
  <input type="text" id="q" name="q" size="40" value="<?cs var:search.q ?>" />
  <input type="hidden" name="noquickjump" value="1" />
  <input type="submit" value="Search" />
  each filter=search.filters ?>
   <input type="checkbox" id="<?cs var:filter.name?>" 
          name="<?cs var:filter.name?>" <?cs
     if:filter.active ?>checked="checked"<?cs /if ?> />
   <label for="<?cs var:filter.name ?>"><?cs var:filter.label?></label><?cs
  /each ?>

if:len(search.result) || len(search.quickjump) ?>
 <hr /><?cs
 if:len(search.result) ?>
 <h2>Search results <?cs
  if:search.n_pages > 1 ?>(<?cs
   var:(search.page-1) * search.page_size + 1 ?> - <?cs
   var:(search.page-1) * search.page_size + len(search.result) ?> 
   of <?cs var:search.n_hits?>)<?cs
  /if ?></h2><?cs
 /if ?>
 <div id="searchable">
  <dl id="results"><?cs
   if:len(search.quickjump) ?>
    <dt id=quickjump><a href="<?cs var:search.quickjump.href ?>">Quickjump to <?cs var:search.quickjump.name ?></a></dt>
    <dd><?cs var:search.quickjump.description ?></dd><?cs 
   /if ?><?cs 
   each item=search.result ?>
    <dt><a href="<?cs var:item.href ?>"><?cs var:item.title ?></a></dt>
    <dd><?cs var:item.excerpt ?></dd>
     <span class="author">By <?cs var:item.author ?></span> &mdash;
     <span class="date"><?cs var:item.date ?></span><?cs
     if:item.keywords ?> &mdash
      <span class="keywords">Keywords: <em><?cs var:item.keywords ?></em></span><?cs
     /if ?>
   /each ?>
  <hr />
 if search.n_pages > 1 ?>
  <div id="paging"><?cs
  if len(chrome.links.prev) ?>
    <a href="<?cs var:chrome.links.prev.0.href ?>" title="<?cs
       var:chrome.links.prev.0.title ?>">&larr;</a> <?cs
  /if ?><?cs
  loop:p = 1, search.n_pages ?><?cs
    if p == search.page ?><?cs var:p ?><?cs
    else ?><a href="<?cs var:search.page_href + "&amp;page=" + p?>"><?cs
     var:p ?></a><?cs
    /if ?> <?cs
  /loop ?><?cs
  if len(chrome.links.next) ?>
    <a href="<?cs var:chrome.links.next.0.href ?>" title="<?cs
       var:chrome.links.next.0.title ?>">&rarr;</a><?cs
  /if ?>
 /if ?><?cs

elif:search.q && !search.quickjump ?>
 <div id="notfound">No matches found.</div><?cs
/if ?>

<div id="help">
 <strong>Note:</strong> See <a href="<?cs
   var:trac.href.wiki ?>/TracSearch">TracSearch</a>  for help on searching.

<?cs include:"footer.cs"?>