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= Tracd =

Tracd is a lightweight stand-alone Trac server. In most cases it's easier to setup and runs faster than trac.cgi.

'''Note: tracd is still experimental.'''

== Pros ==

 * Fewer dependencies: You don't need to install apache or any other web-server.
 * Fast: Should be as fast as the ModPython version (much faster than the cgi).

== Cons ==

 * Less features: Tracd implements a very simple web-server and is not as configurable as apache.
 * Only htdigest authentication: Tracd can currently only authenticate users against apache-htdigest files.
 * No native https support: [http://www.rickk.com/sslwrap/ sslwrap] can be used instead.

== Usage examples ==

A single project on port 8080. (http://localhost:8080/)
 $ tracd -p 8080 /path/to/project
With more than one project. (http://localhost:8080/project1/ and http://localhost:8080/project2/)
 $ tracd -p 8080 /path/to/project1 /path/to/project2
With htdigest authentication. The file /tmp/users.htdigest contain user accounts for project1 with the realm "mycompany.com".
 $ tracd -p 8080 --auth project1,/tmp/users.htdigest,mycompany.com /path/to/project1

See also: TracGuide, TracInstall, TracModPython