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= Upgrade Instructions =

Trac environments sometimes need to be upgraded before they can be used 
in a new version of Trac. This document describes the steps necessary
to upgrade an environment.

== From 0.7.x to 0.8 ==

The database schema was changed between 0.7.x and 0.8. Existing environments
must be upgraded before they can be used with Trac 0.8.

The following command will automatically perform the upgrade:
 $ trac-admin /path/to/projectenv upgrade

Trac environments are created with a default set of wiki pages. It's 
recommended to update these pages on existing environments whenever
Trac is upgraded to get up-to-date documentation and additional functionality.
The following command will perform the update:
 $ trac-admin /path/to/projectenv wiki upgrade

0.8 adds a new roadmap feature which requires additional permissions. While a
fresh installation will by default grant ROADMAP_VIEW and MILESTONE_VIEW
permissions to anonymous, these permissions have to be granted manually when
 $ trac-admin /path/to/projectenv permission add anonymous MILESTONE_VIEW
 $ trac-admin /path/to/projectenv permission add anonymous ROADMAP_VIEW

See also: TracGuide, TracInstall