trac-ticketlinks / wiki-default /

# Check/update default wiki pages from the Trac project website.
# Note: This is a development tool used in Trac packaging/QA, not something
#       particularly useful for end-users.
# Author: Daniel Lundin <>

import httplib
import re
import sys
import getopt

# Pages to include in distribution
wiki_pages = [

def get_page_from_file (pname):
    d = ''
        f = open(pname ,'r')
        d =
        print "Missing page: %s" % pname
    return d

def get_page_from_web (pname):
    host = ""
    rfile = "/trac/wiki/%s?format=txt" % pname
    c = httplib.HTTPConnection(host)
    c.request("GET", rfile)
    r = c.getresponse()
    d =
    if r.status != 200 or d == ("describe %s here\n" % pname):
        print "Missing page: %s" % pname
    f = open(pname, 'w+')
    return d

def check_links (data):
    def get_refs(t, refs=[]):
        r = "(?P<wikilink>(^|(?<=[^A-Za-z]))[!]?[A-Z][a-z/]+(?:[A-Z][a-z/]+)+)"
        m = (r, t)
        if not m:
            result = []
            orf = None
            for rf in refs:
                if rf != orf:
                    orf = rf
            return result
        return get_refs( t[m.end():], refs)
    for p in data.keys():
        links = get_refs(data[p], [])
        for l in links:
            if l not in data.keys():
                print "Broken link:  %s -> %s" % (p, l)

if __name__ == '__main__':
        opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "ds")
    except getopt.GetoptError:
        # print help information and exit:
        print "%s [-d]" % sys.argv[0]
        print "\t-d  -- Download pages from the main project wiki."
    get_page = get_page_from_file
    for o,a in opts:
        if o == '-d':
            get_page = get_page_from_web
    data = {}
    for p in wiki_pages:
        data[p] = get_page (p)
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