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Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading to 0.5.2 from 0.5 and 0.5.1  
* There are no changes to the database schema in 0.5.2, so existing Trac
  databases don't require any extra steps.

  Just install the new version of Trac by running:  ./ install 

* There are now a set of default wiki pages included in the install,
  automatically imported upon creating a new database with the 
  'trac-admin initdb' command.

  If you wish to add these pages to an already existing [older] Trac database,
  you can import the pages manually using trac-admin:
       1. When running ' install', note where the install script
          copies the 'wiki-default' directory. 
          Default is ($prefix/share/trac/wiki-default)

       2. Use trac-admin to load the wiki pages. 
            trac-admin myproject.db load /usr/share/trac/wiki-default/

       3. All done. Please note that you have to repeat this step for each
          Trac database you wish to upgrade.


If you have trouble upgrading Trac, please ask questions on the mailing list:


Or for other support options, see:

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