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= Trac Reports =
The Trac reports module provides a simple, yet powerful reporting facility
for presenting information about tickets from the Trac database.

== Creating Custom Reports ==

Creating a custom report requires knowing and using the SQL query language.

A report is basically a single named SQL query, executed and presented by
Trac.  Reports can be viewed and created from a custom SQL expression directly
in from the web interface.

Typically, a report consists of a SELECT-expression from the 'ticket' table,
using the available columns and sorting the way you want it.

== Ticket columns ==
The '''ticket'' table has the following columns:
 * id
 * time
 * changetime
 * component
 * severity  
 * priority 
 * owner
 * reporter
 * cc
 * url
 * version -- Version of the project does this ticket pertains to.
 * milestone
 * status
 * resolution
 * summary
 * description

See TracTickets for a detailed description of the column fields.

== Special Columns ==
To format the report properly, Trac needs to know the meaning of some result
columns . This is a list of column names of special meaning to Trac:
 * '''ticket''' -- Ticket ID number. Will become a hyperlink to that ticket.

''Note: In upcoming releases, there will be more special columns added, to create color-coded reports, grouping and other nifty features.''

== Sample Reports ==
'''status and summary for all tickets'''

SELECT id as ticket, status, summary FROM ticket

'''all active tickets, sorted by priority and time'''

SELECT id AS ticket, status, severity, priority, owner, 
       time as created, summary FROM ticket 
  WHERE status IN ('new', 'assigned', 'reopened')
  ORDER BY priority, time

'''active tickets, grouped by milestone and sorted by priority'''

SELECT id AS ticket, milestone, status, severity, 
       priority, component, owner, summary 
  FROM ticket 
  WHERE status IN ('new', 'assigned', 'reopened')
  ORDER BY milestone, 
    (CASE priority 
      WHEN 'highest' THEN 0 
      WHEN 'high' THEN 1 
      WHEN 'normal' THEN 2 
      WHEN 'low' THEN 3 
      ELSE 4 
    END), severity, time

See also: TracTickets, TracGuide
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