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trac-ticketlinks / trac / Query.py

# -*- coding: iso8859-1 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 Edgewall Software
# Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 Jonas Borgström <jonas@edgewall.com>
# Trac is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
# published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
# License, or (at your option) any later version.
# Trac is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
# Author: Jonas Borgström <jonas@edgewall.com>

from __future__ import nested_scopes
from types import ListType

import perm
import util
from Module import Module
from Ticket import get_custom_fields, insert_custom_fields, Ticket

class QueryModule(Module):
    template_name = 'query.cs'

    def get_constraints(self):
        constraints = {}
        custom_fields = [f['name'] for f in get_custom_fields(self.env)]
        constrained_fields = [k for k in self.args.keys()
                              if k in Ticket.std_fields or k in custom_fields]
        for field in constrained_fields:
            vals = self.args[field]
            if type(vals) is ListType:
                vals = map(lambda x: x.value, filter(None, vals))
            elif vals.value:
                vals = [vals.value]
            constraints[field] = vals
        return constraints

    def get_results(self, sql):
        cursor = self.db.cursor()
        results = []
        while 1:
            row = cursor.fetchone()
            if not row:
            id = int(row['id'])
                'id': id,
                'href': self.env.href.ticket(id),
                'summary': util.escape(row['summary'] or '(no summary)'),
                'status': row['status'] or '',
                'component': row['component'] or '',
                'owner': row['owner'] or '',
                'priority': row['priority'] or ''
        return results

    def render(self):

        constraints = self.get_constraints()
        order = self.args.get('order', 'priority')
        desc = self.args.has_key('desc')

        if self.args.has_key('search'):
            self.req.redirect(self.env.href.query(constraints, order, desc,

        action = self.args.get('action')
        if not action and not constraints:
            action = 'edit'

        self.req.hdf.setValue('query.action', action or 'view')
        if action == 'edit':
            self._render_editor(constraints, order, desc)
            self._render_results(constraints, order, desc)

    def _render_editor(self, constraints, order, desc):
        self.req.hdf.setValue('title', 'Custom Query')
        util.add_to_hdf(constraints, self.req.hdf, 'query.constraints')
        self.req.hdf.setValue('query.order', order)
        if desc: self.req.hdf.setValue('query.desc', '1')

        def add_options(field, constraints, prefix, cursor, sql):
            options = []
            check = constraints.has_key(field)
            while 1:
                row = cursor.fetchone()
                if not row:
                option = {'name': row[0]}
                if check and (row[0] in constraints[field]):
                    option['selected'] = 1
            util.add_to_hdf(options, self.req.hdf, prefix + field)
            if check:
                del constraints[field]

        cursor = self.db.cursor()
        add_options('status', constraints, 'query.options.', cursor,
                    "SELECT name FROM enum WHERE type='status' ORDER BY value")
        add_options('resolution', constraints, 'query.options.', cursor,
                    "SELECT name FROM enum WHERE type='resolution' ORDER BY value")
        add_options('component', constraints, 'query.options.', cursor,
                    "SELECT name FROM component ORDER BY name")
        add_options('milestone', constraints, 'query.options.', cursor,
                    "SELECT name FROM milestone ORDER BY name")
        add_options('version', constraints, 'query.options.', cursor,
                    "SELECT name FROM version ORDER BY name")
        add_options('priority', constraints, 'query.options.', cursor,
                    "SELECT name FROM enum WHERE type='priority' ORDER BY value")
        add_options('severity', constraints, 'query.options.', cursor,
                    "SELECT name FROM enum WHERE type='severity' ORDER BY value")

        custom_fields = get_custom_fields(self.env)
        for custom in custom_fields:
            if custom['type'] == 'select' or custom['type'] == 'radio':
                check = constraints.has_key(custom['name'])
                options = filter(None, custom['options'])
                for i in range(len(options)):
                    options[i] = {'name': options[i]}
                    if check and (options[i]['name'] in constraints[custom['name']]):
                        options[i]['selected'] = 1
                custom['options'] = options
        util.add_to_hdf(custom_fields, self.req.hdf, 'query.custom')

    def _render_results(self, constraints, order, desc):
        self.req.hdf.setValue('title', 'Custom Query')
            self.env.href.query(constraints, order, desc, action='edit'))

        # FIXME: the user should be able to configure which columns should
        # be displayed
        headers = [ 'id', 'summary', 'status', 'component', 'owner' ]
        cols = headers
        if not 'priority' in cols:

        if order != 'id' and not order in Ticket.std_fields:
            # order by priority by default
            order = 'priority'
        for i in range(len(headers)):
            self.req.hdf.setValue('query.headers.%d.name' % i, headers[i])
            if headers[i] == order:
                self.req.hdf.setValue('query.headers.%d.href' % i,
                    self.env.href.query(constraints, order, not desc))
                self.req.hdf.setValue('query.headers.%d.order' % i,
                    desc and 'desc' or 'asc')
                self.req.hdf.setValue('query.headers.%d.href' % i,
                    self.env.href.query(constraints, headers[i]))

        sql = []
        sql.append("SELECT " + ", ".join(headers))
        custom_fields = [f['name'] for f in get_custom_fields(self.env)]
        for k in [k for k in constraints.keys() if k in custom_fields]:
            sql.append(", %s.value AS %s" % (k, k))
        sql.append(" FROM ticket")
        for k in [k for k in constraints.keys() if k in custom_fields]:
           sql.append(" LEFT OUTER JOIN ticket_custom AS %s ON " \
                      "(id=%s.ticket AND %s.name='%s')"
                      % (k, k, k, k))

        for col in [c for c in ['status', 'resolution', 'priority', 'severity']
                    if c in cols]:
            sql.append(" INNER JOIN (SELECT name AS %s_name, value AS %s_value " \
                                   "FROM enum WHERE type='%s')" \
                       " ON %s_name=%s" % (col, col, col, col, col))

        clauses = []
        for k, v in constraints.items():
            if len(v) > 1:
                inlist = ["'" + util.sql_escape(item) + "'" for item in v]
                clauses.append("%s IN (%s)" % (k, ",".join(inlist)))
            elif k in ['keywords', 'cc']:
                clauses.append("%s LIKE '%%%s%%'" % (k, util.sql_escape(v[0])))
                clauses.append("%s='%s'" % (k, util.sql_escape(v[0])))
        if clauses:
            sql.append(" WHERE " + " AND ".join(clauses))

        if order in ['status', 'resolution', 'priority', 'severity']:
            sql.append(" ORDER BY %s_value" % order)
            sql.append(" ORDER BY " + order)
        if desc:
            sql.append(" DESC")

        sql = "".join(sql)
        self.log.debug("SQL Query: %s" % sql)
        results = self.get_results(sql)
        util.add_to_hdf(results, self.req.hdf, 'query.results')