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= Email Notification of Ticket Changes =

Trac supports basic notification for ticket changes using email. 

Email notification is useful to keep users up-to-date on tickets/issues of interest, and also provides a convenient way to post ticket changes to a dedicated mailing list. '''Note:''' As an example, this is how the [http://lists.edgewall.com/archive/trac-tickets/ Trac-tickets] mailing list works.

Disabled by default, notification can be activated and configured in [wiki:TracIni trac.ini].

== Receiving Notification ==
When reporting a new ticket or adding a comment, enter a validing email address in the ''reporter'', ''editor'' or ''cc'' field. Trac will automatically send you an email when changes are made to the ticket.

This is useful to keep up-to-date on an issue or enhancement request that interests you.

== Configuring SMTP Notification ==

=== Config Options ===
These are the available options for the ''[notification]'' section in trac.ini.
 * '''smtp_enabled''': Enable notification.
 * '''smtp_server''': SMTP server used for notification messages.
 * '''smtp_from''': Email address to use for ''Sender''-headers in notification emails.
 * '''smtp_replyto''': Email address to use for ''Reply-To''-headers in notification emails.
 * '''smtp_always_cc''': List of email addresses to always send notifications to. ''Typically used to post ticket changes to a dedicated mailing list.''
 * '''always_notify_reporter''':  Always send notifications to any address in the reporter field.

Either '''smtp_from''' or '''smtp_replyto''' (or both) ''must'' be set, otherwise Trac refuses to send notification mails.

=== Example Configuration ===

smtp_enabled = true
smtp_server = mail.example.com
smtp_from = notifier@example.com
smtp_replyto = myproj@projects.example.com
smtp_always_cc = ticketmaster@example.com, theboss+myproj@example.com

== Sample Email ==
#42: testing
       Id:  42             |      Status:  assigned                
Component:  report system  |    Modified:  Fri Apr  9 00:04:31 2004
 Severity:  major          |   Milestone:  0.9                     
 Priority:  lowest         |     Version:  0.6                     
    Owner:  anonymous      |    Reporter:  jonas@example.com               
  * component:  changset view => search system
  * priority:  low => highest
  * owner:  jonas => anonymous
  * cc:  daniel@example.com =>
         daniel@example.com, jonas@example.com
  * status:  new => assigned

I'm interested too!

Ticket URL: <http://example.com/trac/ticket/42>
My Project <http://myproj.example.com/>
See also: TracTickets, TracIni, TracGuide