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Upgrade Instructions
Trac environments sometimes need to be upgraded before they can be used 
in a new version of Trac. This document describes the steps necessary
to upgrade an environment.

From 0.7.x to 0.8
The database schema was changed between 0.7.x and 0.8. Existing environments
must be upgraded before they can be used with Trac 0.8.
The following command will perform the upgrade:

  trac-admin /path/to/projectenv upgrade

Trac environments are created with a default set of wiki pages. It's 
recommended to update these pages on existing environments whenever
Trac is upgraded to get up-to-date documentation and additional functionality.
The following command will perform the update:

  trac-admin /path/to/projectenv wiki upgrade

0.8 adds a new roadmap feature which requires additional permissions. While a
fresh installation will by default grant ROADMAP_VIEW and MILESTONE_VIEW
permissions to anonymous, these permissions have to be granted manually when

  trac-admin /path/to/projectenv permission add anonymous MILESTONE_VIEW
  trac-admin /path/to/projectenv permission add anonymous ROADMAP_VIEW

from 0.6.x to 0.7
Trac 0.7 has a new database format, requiring manual upgrade.

Previous versions of Trac stored wiki pages, ticket, reports,
settings, etc. in a single SQLite database file. Trac 0.7 replaces this file
with a new backend storage format; the 'Trac Environment', which is a
directory containing an SQLite database, a human-readable configuration file,
log-files and attachments.

Fear not though, old-style Trac databases can easily be converted to
Environments using the included "tracdb2env" program as follows:

  tracdb2env /path/to/old/project.db /path/to/new/projectenv

tracdb2env will create a new environment and copy the information from
the old database to the new environment. The existing database will
not be modified.

You also need to update your apache configuration:
change this line:
   SetEnv TRAC_DB "/path/to/old/project.db"
   SetEnv TRAC_ENV "/path/to/new/projectenv"

Updating wiki pages
There are a set of default wiki pages included in the install,
automatically imported upon creating a new environment with the 
'trac-admin initenv' command.

If you wish to update these pages on an already existing [older] Trac 
environment, you can import the pages manually using trac-admin:
 trac-admin /path/to/myprojectenv wiki upgrade

Please note that you have to repeat this step for each Trac environment
you wish to upgrade.


If you have trouble upgrading Trac, please ask questions on the mailing list:


Or for other support options, see: