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Trac in stand-alone mode
Trac 0.7 introduces among many other important features, the capability to run
Trac as a stand-alone server (daemon), without a web server.


As of writing, tracd is still experimental, but we encourage testing it and
providing feedback so we can improve it. Tracd supports all features of
the CGI version (trac.cgi), and can serve multiple projects from a single
server instance.

Running tracd
tracd [options] <database> [database] ...

    -a --auth [project],[htdigest_file],[realm]
    -p --port [port]\t\tPort number to use (default: 80)
    -b --hostname [hostname]\tIP to bind to (default: '')


  $ tracd -p 9090 /var/trac/myproject

Feedback and bug reports
Please provide feedback on tracd using the issue tracker or the mailing list.

 Submit a bug report:
   Mailing list info:


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