trac-ticketlinks / templates / file.cs

<?cs set:html.stylesheet = 'css/browser.css' ?>
<?cs include "header.cs"?>
<?cs include "macros.cs"?>

<div id="ctxtnav" class="nav">
 <?cs if:args.mode != 'attachment' && trac.acl.LOG_VIEW ?><ul>
  <li class="last"><a href="<?cs var:file.logurl ?>">Revision Log</a></li>
 </ul><?cs /if ?>

<div id="content" class="file">

 <?cs if file.attachment_parent ?>
  <h1><a href="<?cs var:file.attachment_parent_href ?>"><?cs
    var:file.attachment_parent ?></a>: <?cs var:file.filename ?></h1>

 <?cs else ?>
  <?cs call:browser_path_links(file.path, file) ?>
  <div id="jumprev">
   <form action="" method="get">
     <label for="rev">View revision:</label>
     <input type="text" id="rev" name="rev" value="<?cs
       var:file.rev ?>" size="4" />
  <table id="info" summary="Revision info">
    <th scope="row">
     Revision <a href="<?cs var:file.chgset_href ?>"><?cs var:file.rev ?></a>
     (by <?cs var:file.rev_author ?>, <?cs var:file.rev_date ?>)
    <td class="message"><?cs var:file.rev_msg ?></td>
 <?cs /if ?>

 <div id="preview">
  <?cs if:file.highlighted_html ?>
   <?cs var:file.highlighted_html ?>
  <?cs elif:file.max_file_size_reached ?>
   <strong>HTML preview not available</strong>, since file-size exceeds
   <?cs var:file.max_file_size  ?> bytes.
   Try <a href="?format=raw">downloading the file</a> instead.
  <?cs else ?>
   <strong>HTML preview not available</strong>. To view, <a href="<?cs
   var:file.filename + '?rev=' + file.rev ?>&format=raw">download the
  <?cs /if ?>

 <?cs if:attachment.delete_href ?><div class="buttons">
  <form method="get" action=""><div id="delete">
   <input type="hidden" name="delete" value="yes" />
    <input type="submit" value="Delete Attachment" onclick="return confirm('Do you really want to delete this attachment?\nThis is an irreversible operation.')" />
 </div><?cs /if ?>

 <?cs if:!file.attachment_parent ?>
  <div id="help">
   <strong>Note:</strong> See <a href="<?cs
   ?>/TracBrowser">TracBrowser</a> for help on using the browser.
 <?cs /if ?>


<?cs include "footer.cs"?>