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This branch of the Trac is based on the ticket-links branch by cboos at It adds the following behaviour to ticket links:

  • Details of linked tickets are shown when viewing the current ticket
  • A linked ticket may be created using the current ticket as a template. Configured fields will be pre-populated.
  • Linked tickets may block closure of the ticket (e.g. a blocks/blockedby, parent/children relationship). This is configurable.
  • Any ticket may be used as a template for new tickets, without the created tickets being linked.


To configure ticket-links for a relationship in which

  • Any ticket may depend on and be dependant on many tickets
  • A ticket may not be closed until all tickets it depends on are closed
dependency = dependson,dependant
dependency.validator = no_cycle
dependant.label = Dependant
dependson.label = Depends on
dependson.blocks = true

To confgiure a relationship in which

  • A ticket may have many child tickets, and at most one parent ticket
  • A new child ticket will have it's summary and description pre-populated from it's parent - A parent ticket may not be closed until all child tickets are closed
parentchild = parent,children
parentchild.validator = parent_child
children.blocks = true
children.label = Child
children.copy_fields = summary, description
parent.label = Parent

To configure a relationship in which

  • A ticket may refer to another ticket, and there is not reciprocal link
  • A ticket may be closed regardless of the link
reference = refersto
refersto.label = Refers to

Many different relationships may be configured at once, relationship names must each be unique.