This example module for panning and tilting a logitech sphere webcam is licensed under GPLv2. Please see the LICENSE file

usage: can compile and/or install the module. (e.g ./ install) does not compile directly from pyx. you can compile from pyx using ./ you can also generate the c code with ./

and see for an example. You can also take a look at lpantilt.pyx. Just look for the python functions, there aren't many.

Please Note: The extended controls for panning and tilting are NOT available per default. These need to be inserted into the driver. From

In new driver revisions admin rights are needed in order to add these controls to the driver, so there are basically two solutions:

1- start guvcview has root (sudo for debian/ubuntu) at least once per session

2- install libwebcam this software has a udev script that should
add the necessary controls to your logitech camera.
To build from pyx you must have cython, gcc. For examples/ you must have pygame and openvc