Note: TwitVim has moved to a Github organization. Please use this link instead: https://github.com/twitvim/twitvim

TwitVim - Twitter client for Vim


TwitVim is a Vim plugin that allows you to post to Twitter and view Twitter timelines. It is an enhancement of vimscript #2124 by Travis Jeffery. Credit goes to Travis for the original script concept and implementation.

TwitVim supports most of the features of a typical Twitter client, including:

  • Friends, User, Direct Message, Mentions, and Favorites timelines
  • Twitter Search
  • Replying and retweeting
  • Hashtags (jump to search timeline)
  • In reply to (See which tweet an @-reply is for.)
  • Opening links in a browser
  • User profile display
  • Twitter List viewing and managing
  • Trending topics
  • Timeline filtering


TwitVim uses cURL to communicate with Twitter. Alternatively, you can configure TwitVim to use Vim's Perl, Python, Ruby, or Tcl interfaces for faster network I/O.

Twitter OAuth requires either the OpenSSL software or a Vim binary compiled with Perl, Python, Ruby, or Tcl.

Some platforms already have cURL and OpenSSL preinstalled or have installation packages for those, so that is the easier way to satisfy the prerequisites.


Use one of the methods below, depending on which plugin manager (or not) you have. After installation, see :help TwitVim-install for further instructions.


Use the following commands:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone https://bitbucket.org/mortonfox/twitvim


Add the following to your vimrc:

Plugin 'https://bitbucket.org/mortonfox/twitvim'

Install with :PluginInstall.

Vimball file

Open the vmb file and then source it.

vim twitvim-0.9.1.vmb
:so %


Plugin commands

  • :PosttoTwitter - This command will prompt you for a message to send to Twitter.
  • :CPosttoTwitter - This command posts the current line in the current buffer to Twitter.
  • :BPosttoTwitter - This command posts the current buffer to Twitter.
  • :FriendsTwitter - View friends timeline.
  • :UserTwitter - View your timeline.
  • :MentionsTwitter - View @-mentions.
  • :PublicTwitter - View public timeline.
  • :DMTwitter - View direct messages.
  • :SearchTwitter - Use Twitter Search.

Global mappings

  • Alt-T - In Visual select mode, the Alt-T key posts the selected text to Twitter. Use this mapping if you compose your tweets in a separate scratch buffer.
  • Ctrl-T - Use this instead if the menu bar is enabled or if Alt-T is not available on your platform.

Timeline buffer mappings

  • Alt-R or <Leader>r - Starts a @-reply. (in timeline buffer)
  • Alt-D or <Leader>d - Starts a direct message. (in timeline buffer)

Many more commands and mappings are available. See TwitVim's help documentation for full details.


TwitVim is distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.