This work is part of the mOSAIC project open-source outcomes released under the Apache 2.0 license (see the "Notice" section below).

This module provides with the definition of the mOSAIC Distributed FileSystem connect API for all implementations of distributed filesystems (currently only HDFS available at mosaic-java-drivers-hdfs)

How to build

It should be built from the mosaic-distribution repository, as it depends on a proper set workbench and symlinks to other repositories.

For more information on the API definition, check the test case at the code: mosaic-java-connectors-dfs/connectors/src/test/java/eu/mosaic_cloud/connectors/dfs/tests/ and visit the project's wiki at


This product includes software developed at "XLAB d.o.o.", as part of the "mOSAIC -- Open-Source API and Platform for Multiple Clouds" research project (an EC FP7-ICT Grant, agreement 256910).
  • Mariano Cecowski: mariano.cecowski(at) / marianocecowski(at)
  • Boris Savic: boris.savic(at)


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