moswald's Powershell

After posting a link to just my powershell prompt, a few people asked for my complete powershell profile, so here it is. I've cleaned it up a bit and moved some machine-specific (or private!) items into an untracked folder. I also quickly implemented support for color themes.

It uses Steve Losh's hg-prompt Mercurial extension (forked by me for bug fixes), as well as the Posh-git Powershell module. Both are included as subrepositories; no external configuration should be necessary.

If you set it up correctly, the end result should look something like this:



hg clone c:/users/<username>/.ps
cd ~/.ps

(Some paths are hard-coded to ~/.ps, so be sure to clone to that location.)


Adding support for colorized Git output breaks the default Mercurial color output. To fix this, add

mode = win32

to your global .hgrc file.