xUnit++ / xUnit++.VsRunner / xUnit++.VsRunner.h

#pragma once

#define VSRUNNER_URI "executor://"

namespace xUnitpp { namespace VsRunner
    namespace G = System::Collections::Generic;
    namespace OM = Microsoft::VisualStudio::TestPlatform::ObjectModel;
    namespace A = Microsoft::VisualStudio::TestPlatform::ObjectModel::Adapter;
    namespace L = Microsoft::VisualStudio::TestPlatform::ObjectModel::Logging;

    public ref class xUnitppVsRunner : public A::ITestDiscoverer, public A::ITestExecutor

        // ITestDiscoverer
        virtual void DiscoverTests(G::IEnumerable<System::String ^> ^sources, A::IDiscoveryContext ^ctx, L::IMessageLogger ^logger, A::ITestCaseDiscoverySink ^discoverySink);

        // ITestExecutor
        virtual void RunTests(G::IEnumerable<System::String ^> ^sources, A::IRunContext ^ctx, A::IFrameworkHandle ^handle);
        virtual void RunTests(G::IEnumerable<OM::TestCase ^> ^tests, A::IRunContext ^ctx, A::IFrameworkHandle ^handle);
        virtual void Cancel();

        bool RunTests(G::IEnumerable<OM::TestCase ^> ^tests, A::ITestExecutionRecorder ^recorder);

        System::Uri ^mUri;
        bool mCancelled;
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