Submodules instead of objects

Issue #13 resolved
Rune Gangsø created an issue

Right now in aequery there are objects for comps, layers, properties, and keys, none of which are very developed. I think they could be much more useful as submodules, like renderqueue and project, instead of how they are now where you need to create the object before using it.

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  1. vaporstack

    I could be mistaken but my understanding was that the module pattern in use automatically defines the modules?

    #include "../path/to/aeq.js"

    Perhaps this was changed recently?

  2. Rune Gangsø reporter

    I may have worded it a bit wrong, but what I meant was that aeq.Comp is now an object with prototype and methods, and to get access to the functions one had to first create a new instance like new aeq.Comp(myComp). Which could be tedious when you only need one function.

    One possibility, that I just thought of, is to have aeq.comp be a submodule with functions, and have aeq.Comp() be like it is and let it call the functions in aeq.comp, but it would mean we would have to develop for both, and I don't know how useful aeq.Comp() would be to most people.

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