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Rune Gangsø created an issue

I think it would be a good idea to add AEQuery to npm. I got a project where I would like to add AEQuery as a dependency, and that would be best handled through npm.

I was thinking that we could create an npm org, but what should that be called? "aequery", "motiondesign", "aenhancers"? @zlovatt and @Klustre mentioned moving the project to GitHub, but there is already a user there called "motiondesign", so that would't work there.

Also, if aeq-ui is still going to be included as a different file, it should probably be published as its own package, and then probably be in it's own repository. But I think there should be some discussion about why it's included as its own file as I don't really think it need to be.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

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  1. Remco Janssen

    Agree on putting it on npm. I'd say we call the group aenhancers as that's what we do and that's the name of the site we now work on as a community (think of the docs we're maintaining and any future efforts). Then aequery is just a project from that group.

  2. Rune Gangsø reporter

    I think aenhancers may not be the best name, as not all of the people in the motiondesign bitbucket team have the same connection to the site.

    The easiest would be to just name it motiondesign as that is the name on bitbucket. (That would mean no switch to gitbub, though)

  3. Remco Janssen

    I see aenhancers as the platform to the community of AE users that code (estk/cep/expressions). Anyone can add to the projects we do, as it's all a community effort, no matter if you're associated to the site or not. I'd like to know what @zlovatt thinks about that, as he took over the site. Personally I see it as a great opportunity to create a bigger platform that is maintained by the community.

    I definitely think motiondesign is too generic as a name.

  4. Zack Lovatt

    I'm all for enhancing the aenhancers presence, however as I'm biased I'd rather abstain from this decision. The name's there if you're interested in using it!

  5. Rune Gangsø reporter

    How should we approach this? Should we have a vote? With everyone in the team, or just contributors?

    I'm fine with naming it aenhancers, if that is something people can agree on.

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