Further use of aeq types?

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Zack Lovatt created an issue

aeq has custom types for 'Property', 'Comp' and 'Layer' (among others). Should some of our get functions return the aeq types for these, as opposed to native AE elements?

The benefit is that it's easier to integrate into the rest of aeq, or to chain commands. The negative is that it will break existing tools, and that maybe user just wants the native property directly vs the aeq type?


  • aeq.getSelectedProperties()
  • aeq.getProperties()
  • aeq.getPropertyChildren()
  • aeq.getMarkerGroup()

What about aeq.Comp?

  • aeq.getCompositions()
  • aeq.getComposition()

Or aeq.Layer

  • aeq.getLayers()
  • aeq.getSelectedLayers()
  • aeq.getSelectedLayersOrAll()

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  1. Rune Gangsø

    I like getting the normal/expected AE objects as I normally don't need all the functions of the aeq objects, but I see your point.

    What about adding a parameter to the functions, that enables aeq objects instead of the normal types.

    Something like:

    aeq.getLayers(aeq, comp)
    aeq.getSelectedProperties(aeq, comp)
    aeq.getProperties(aeq, layer)

    It's also an option to use true/false to enable it, but that wouldn't be very clear in user code.

    Or what about having a variable on the aeq object that can be switched to enable this. aeq.useAeqTypes = true

    I haven't really used the aequery types that much really. So I don't know how much they offer in usability over the normal types, but I know that aeq.Comp at least is very lackluster compared to the normal type. I wouldn't switch aequery over to only returning aeq types until that is fixed at least.

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