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Issue #39 resolved
Remco Janssen created an issue

Can we delete all the branches besides develop and master?

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  1. Rune Gangsø

    All the merged repos can be deleted at least.

    @vaporstack have two branches, can those be merged/deleted?

    Theres is also two that are related to issue #20. One should only contain the linting setup, so that can be useful. The other has the style applied, but is very far behind, so can probably be deleted.

  2. Remco Janssen reporter

    Then let's resolve #20, so we can clean those out at least.

    So for now we keep:

    • master
    • develop
    • linting

    We can for sure delete:

    • khanyu
    • selectOR
    • ui

    We wait for @vaporstack confirming the deletion of: vs and linux


  3. Rune Gangsø


    From what I can see by quickly looking at vs and linux

    • vs updates gulpfile.js with gulp watch and adds a stub for submodules, (which is not up to date)
    • linux makes it possible to build on linux, which was added at a later time to make it possible to build using bitbucket pipelines.

    So looks like neither of them adds anything new/usable?

  4. Remco Janssen reporter

    OK khanyu, selectOR and ui have been deleted. Also asked @vaporstack and he confirmed the deletion of vs and linux as well.

    Then the only 2 branches left are related to #20

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