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#3243 follow-up: remove debugging print and fix docs; data is a bytes object.

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File Doc/library/http.client.rst

    headers to send with the request.
    .. versionadded:: 3.2
-      *body* can be an iterable
+      *body* can now be an iterable.
 .. method:: HTTPConnection.getresponse()

File Doc/library/urllib.request.rst

    Open the URL *url*, which can be either a string or a
    :class:`Request` object.
-   *data* may be a string specifying additional data to send to the
+   *data* may be a bytes object specifying additional data to send to the
    server, or ``None`` if no such data is needed. *data* may also be an
    iterable object and in that case Content-Length value must be specified in
    the headers. Currently HTTP requests are the only ones that use *data*; the

File Lib/urllib/

                     mv = memoryview(data)
                 except TypeError:
-                    print(data)
                     if isinstance(data, collections.Iterable):
                         raise ValueError("Content-Length should be specified \
                                 for iterable data of type %r %r" % (type(data),