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ladspa~ for pure-data

This is a fork of the historical plugin~ ( of pure-data (found in pd-extended distribution), but with bugfixes and with VST support completely removed.

I had problems running plugin~ , mainly due to lack of error checking causing annoying segfaults and making this object nearly unusable for me. I decided to patch the code to make it run smoothly.

The library seems to never had support for VST plugins. And as i found the name confusing, i renamed it to match its exact behaviour.


So far, here are the changes against former plugin~ object:

  • fixed segfaults by adding error-checking
  • updated the doc
  • added a optionnal -DDEBUG flag to see debug messages
  • removed useless post() messages from retail version
  • removed the buggy "plug" method
  • added boundaries checking for LADSPA control parameters
  • prefixed all methods with "ladspa_tilde_" to avoid namespace clash
  • completely removed support for VST. For VST plugins in pure-data, see the vst~ object.


You can download the linux binary here: ladspa~.pd_linux

Get the source

download the source code from here or clone the mercurial repository with the command

$ hg clone ladspa~

to get a fresh checkout of the code in the newly created "ladspa~" directory.


$ cd ladspa~/
$ scons
$ sudo scons install

Debug version

With debug version, you'll have a lot of additionnal output in your console:

$ scons debug=1


This code is only tested on Linux. If you have compiled it successfully on other playform (Mac OS X), please let me know!

If you find a bug or have a patch or suggestion, please fill an issue in the issue tracker.