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File hgscm/apps/www/

 urlpatterns = patterns('hgscm.apps.www.views',
     url(r'^$', 'frontpage', name='frontpage'),
     url(r'^about$', 'about', name='about'),
+    url(r'^thepage$', 'thepage', name='thepage'),

File hgscm/apps/www/

 def about(request):
     return render_to_response("about.html", { },
+def thepage(request):
+    return render_to_response("thepage.html", { },
+        RequestContext(request))

File hgscm/templates/base.html

 		<div id="footer">
 			design by <a href="">punct</a> /
 			design courtesy of <a href="">bitbucket</a> /
-			licensed under <a href="">GPLv2</a>
+			licensed under <a href="">GPLv2</a> /
+			<a href="{% url thepage %}">about this page</a>

File hgscm/templates/thepage.html

+{% extends "base.html" %}
+{% block content %}
+<div class="row">
+	<div class="col big">
+		<h2>About this page</h2>
+		<p>This page is a project of the Mercurial community. Its design and initial django
+		code was provided by Jesper Noehr. Hosting is provided by <a href=""></a>.
+		Content was provided by Arne Babenhauserheide.  Additional coding and content by David Soria Parra.</p>
+		<p>This page is currently maintained by David Soria Parra and Arne Babenhauserheide. The repository
+		can be found at <a href=""></a>.
+		You are welcome to fork and improve the page.</p>
+		<h2>Help us</h2>
+		<p><strong>This page always needs improvement. Please send any kind of patches, suggestions and comments to either
+		the <a href="">Mercurial mailinglist</a> or directly to us.</p></strong>
+		<p>People often ask what exactly can be done to improve the page. First of all, see if we have an ongoing
+		todo list. Second, read the page and fix our poor grammar. Third, write guides, write about extensions
+		and improve the FAQ. If you like to help with additional graphics or something completly different
+		(we have whishlists), you are welcome</p>
+		<h2>License</h2>
+		This page is licensed under the terms of the
+		<a href="">GNU General Public License version 2</a> of the license.
+		The <a href="">Mercurial logo</a> used on the page was designed by Cali Mastny.
+		It is licensed under the terms of the
+		<a href="">GNU General Public License version 2</a>
+	</div>
+{% endblock %}