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{% extends "base.html" %}

{% block content %}

<div class="row">
	<div class="col big">
		<h1>Work easier <br> Work faster</h1>
		<h2>Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool. It efficiently handles projects of any size and offers an easy and intuitive interface. <strong>Please notice, this page is currently under development and based on a mockup.</strong></h2>
	<div class="col">					
		<a class="download typeface-js" href="javascript:void(0);">
			<strong>Download now</strong>
			Mercurial <em>2.42</em>
			<span>Windows XP | Vista | 7</span>
			<dt class="typeface-js">Requirements</dt>
			<dd>Python 2.4 (<a href="">get python</a>)</dd>
			<!--2.4 is necessary for TortoiseHG, Mercurial only needs 2.3-->
			<dt>Another OS?<br><em>Get mercurial for:</em></dt>
			<dd><a href="javascript:void(0);">Mac OS X</a></dd>
			<dd><a href="javascript:void(0);">Linux</a></dd>
			<dd><a href="javascript:void(0);">other</a></dd>

<div class="row">
	<div class="col big">
		<h3>How you can benefit from Mercurial</h3>
			<li class="i-1">
				<h4>It is <a href="{% url about %}">fast and powerful</a></h4>
				<p>Mercurial offers you the power and speed to efficiently handle <a href="./who_uses_mercurial">projects of any size and kind</a>. You can use a multitude of <a href="./workflows">workflows</a> and easily enhance its functionality with <a href="./extensions">extensions</a>.</p>
			<li class="i-2">
				<h4>It is <a href="./learn_mercurial">easy to learn</a></h4>
				<p>You can follow our simple <a href="guide">guide</a> to learn how to revision your documents with Mercurial, or just use the <a href="./quick_start">quick start</a> to get going instantly. </p>
			<li class="i-3">
				<h4>And it <a href="./testimonies">just works</a></h4>
				<p>Mercurial strives to deliver on each of its promises. Most tasks simply work on the first try and without requiring arcane knowledge. <!--(If one doesn't, that's most likely no feature but a <a href="">bug</a>. Please <a href="">tell us about it</a>!) 
				commented out because it feels awkward.--></p>
	<div class="col">
		<h3>Quick Start</h3>

		<p><em>Clone a project and create a patch</em>
<pre>$ hg clone
$ cd hello
$ (edit files)
$ hg add (new files)
$ hg commit -m 'My changes'
$ hg export &gt; patch.diff


<p><em>Create a project and commit</em>
<pre>$ cd (project-directory)
$ hg init
$ (add some files)
$ hg add
$ hg commit -m 'Initial commit'
	<!--Change into project dir before initiating repo to avoid a possible stumbling point.-->

{% endblock %}