Byte On Panel
Coypright Mozbugbox <> 2011-2013
Released under GPL version 3 or later.

Add simple network traffice monitor icons to the desktop panel/taskbar. The
icons show bandwidth usage of all the network interfaces on a Linux system.



Copy the "src/byteonpanel" file into your path and run it. It will check your
network interfaces and pop some icons on your desktop panel/taskbar.

Python version: gtk+-3.0, python-gobject, python-cairo

Vala version: vala > 0.10.0, libcairo, gtk+-3.0

Install the devel package for the dependents first.
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Python Version
The original code was written in Python. Later on, it's ported to vala language
for smaller footprint.

The python version is in the file dist/, while the vala version
is in dist/src/*.vala.

LXDE Autostart

* Copy the "byteonpanel.desktop" file to $HOME/.config/autostart/.

* Then open LXDE->Preferences->Desktop Session Settings->Automatically Started

* Check the box. 

* Finally logout and login.

Vola! We have icewm like network activity monitors!

Known Issues