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File pancake-web/pancake/web/templates/setup.mustache

           <div class="content-block">
             <ul class="vertical menu">
                 <li class="menu-item">
-                  <input type="checkbox" name="privacy" id="privacy_input"> I agree to the <a href="privacy" class="link popuplink">Privacy Policy</a>
+                  <input type="checkbox" name="privacy" id="privacy_input"> <label for="privacy_input">I agree</label> to the <a href="/privacy.html" class="link popuplink">Privacy Policy</a>
                 <li class="menu-item">
-                  <input type="checkbox" name="terms" id="terms_input"> I agree to the <a href="terms" class="link popuplink">Terms of Service</a>
+                  <input type="checkbox" name="terms" id="terms_input"> <label for="terms_input">I agree</label> to the <a href="/tos.html" class="link popuplink">Terms of Service</a>
     <footer id="bottomfooter">
       <div class="container">
         <div class="narrower center" id="footerlinks">
-          <a href="/privacy" class="link popuplink pad--right">Privacy Policy</a>
-          <a href="/terms" class="link popuplink pad--left">Terms of Service</a>
+          <a href="/privacy.html" class="link popuplink pad--right">Privacy Policy</a>
+          <a href="/tos.html" class="link popuplink pad--left">Terms of Service</a>