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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Author:  mozman
# Purpose: svgwrite package parameter
# Created: 10.09.2010
# Copyright (C) 2010, Manfred Moitzi
# License: MIT License

from svgwrite.validator2 import get_validator

class Parameter(object):
    .. attribute:: Parameter.debug

       *read/write* property

       * *True* : debug mode is on, all SVG attributes are checked if valid
         in the element context. Also the included SVG subelements will be
         checked if they are valid for the parent SVG element.

       * *False*: no validation checks will be done, but program execution is

    .. attribute:: Parameter.profile

       *read/write* property

       name of the SVG profile, valid profiles are: ``'full|basic|tiny'``
    __slots__ = ['_debug', 'validator', '_profile']

    def __init__(self, debug=True, profile='full'):
        self._debug = debug

    def _init_validator(self):
        self.validator = get_validator(self.profile,  self.debug)

    def get_debug(self):
        return self._debug

    def set_debug(self, debug):
        self._debug = debug
    debug = property(get_debug, set_debug)

    def get_version(self):
        if self._profile == 'tiny':
            return '1.2'
            return '1.1'

    def get_profile(self):
        return self._profile

    def set_profile(self, profile):
        :param string profile: name of the SVG profile, valid profiles are:

        profile = profile.lower()
        if profile in ('tiny', 'basic', 'full'):
            self._profile = profile
            raise ValueError("'%s' is not a valid profile." % profile)
    profile = property(get_profile, set_profile)