# This is my README file

This repository contains the source code of JITeR. JITeR (Just-In-Time Routing) is an algorithm that timely routes messages at application-layer using overlay networking and multihoming, leveraging the natural redundancy of wide-area IP networks. More information about the algoritm can be found at the article:

	JITeR: Just-in-time application-layer routing
	Alysson Bessani, Nuno F. Neves, Paulo Veríssimo, Wagner Dantas, Alexandre Fonseca, Rui Silva, Pedro Luz, Miguel Correia
	Computer Networks 104 (2016) 122–136

To run Jiter you basically need to pick a set of servers with public IP addresses, then: 

In one of the nodes run the program that keeps track of the JITeR nodes:


The in every JITeR node run:

	bash   (takes a few minutes)
	ant compile
	./launchExperimentNode -r -a

For assistance please contact: