txwsgi / doc / examples / demo_write.py

# Copyright (c) 2010 Manlio Perillo (manlio.perillo@gmail.com).
# See LICENSE for details.

from cgi import parse_qs

from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.application import service, strports
from twisted.web import server

from txwsgi import WSGIResource, write_adapter

BUFSIZE = 1024
N = 50

def wsgi_application(environ, start_response):
    """A simple WSGI application that use the write callable and
    return a generator.

    This example show usage of the C{txwsgi.greenlet.write_adapter}

    def app_iter():
        # write('foo')

        for i in range(ord('a'), ord('z') + 1):
            yield chr(i) * bufsize + '\n'

    headers = [('Content-Type', 'text/plain')]

    qs = environ.get('QUERY_STRING', '')
    args = parse_qs(qs)
    bufsize = int(args.get('bufsize', [BUFSIZE])[0])
    n = int(args.get('n', [N])[0])

    write = start_response('200 OK', headers)
    for i in range(0, n + 1):
        write('%02d' % i * bufsize + '\n')

    return app_iter()

res = WSGIResource(reactor, wsgi_application, [write_adapter])
site = server.Site(res)
application = service.Application('demo write')

s = strports.service('tcp:8080', site)
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