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Add What's New entries for some minor work I did in 3.3.

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   files and directories, it is more reliable (and also faster) to manipulate
   file descriptors instead of file names. Python 3.3 enhances existing functions
   and introduces new functions to work on file descriptors (:issue:`4761`,
-  :issue:`10755`).
+  :issue:`10755` and :issue:`14626`).
   - The :mod:`os` module has a new :func:`~os.fwalk` function similar to
     :func:`~os.walk` except that it also yields file descriptors referring to the
   (Contributed by Antoine Pitrou in :issue:`8828`.)
+* The stat family of functions (:func:`~os.stat`, :func:`~os.fstat`,
+  and :func:`~os.lstat`) now support reading a file's timestamps
+  with nanosecond precision.  Symmetrically, :func:`~os.utime`
+  can now write file timestamps with nanosecond precision.  (Contributed by
+  Larry Hastings in :issue:`14127`.)
 * The new :func:`os.get_terminal_size` function queries the size of the
   terminal attached to a file descriptor. See also
     path also specifying the user/group names and not only their numeric
     ids. (Contributed by Sandro Tosi in :issue:`12191`)
+* :func:`~shutil.copy2` and :func:`~shutil.copystat` now preserve file
+  timestamps with nanosecond precision on platforms that support it.
+  They also preserve file "extended attributes" on Linux.  (Contributed
+  by Larry Hastings in :issue:`14127` and  :issue:`15238`.)
 * The new :func:`shutil.get_terminal_size` function returns the size of the
   terminal window the interpreter is attached to.
   (Contributed by Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek in :issue:`13609`.)