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Tree style (files) explorer for p9p acme.
If you're not an acme user, here's the easiest way to get acquainted: http://research.swtch.com/acme

Otherwise, you know the drill: button 3 (usually right click) to unfold/fold
directories (the ones marked with a '+'.  Same click on a regular file
sends it to the plumber, so default behaviour will be to open it if
it's text.
Button 2 (middle click) on an element of the tree prints the full path
of the element in the +Errors window.

B2 on Win or Xplor commands opens a new win (or a
new xplor respectively), by default at the same root directory as
their parent.  However, they make use of chording 2+1: just position
your cursor wherever you want in the tree, then button 2 on Win or
Xplor, hold it, and at the same time press button 1.  Tadaaa!  behold
the chording magic!

DotDot redraws xplor with the root set as the parent directory.

Hidden toggles displaying the hidden files/directories. It does not redraw the tree.