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Evan Gates  committed 66b76a0

make tmux default in chat.sh, start tmux but don't open terminal in pcw_win.sh

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File extras/chat.sh

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 #      reopen a window when it does so. the "nickserv/in /l w" is at the end
 #      so I don't have to wait for that command before executing the others
+TITLE="pcw" # also in pcw_win.sh
 DELAY=5 # seconds to wait when we get a "w"
+if ! tmux list-sessions | grep -q "^$TITLE"; then
+	tmux new-session -d -s "$TITLE"
 done < "$SERVERS" >> "$LOG" 2>&1
+tmux attach-session -t "$TITLE"
 # vim: set ts=4 sw=4 noexpandtab:

File pcw_win.sh

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 # Open a new tmux window for each channel, this one has been requested for a while, and now it works!
 # make sure to add 'set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"' to your ~/.tmux.conf
 # if you don't want color, you can change the cw_color.sh part to cw etc. like the other examples
+TITLE="pcw" # also in chat.sh
 if ! tmux list-sessions | grep -q "^$TITLE"; then
-	urxvtc -title "$TITLE" -e tmux new-session -s "$TITLE" -n "$(basename "$CPATH")" "srw -p \"$(basename "$CPATH")>\" cw_color.sh -i \"$OUT\" -o \"$IN\""
+	tmux new-session -d -s "$TITLE" -n "$(basename "$CPATH")" "srw -p \"$(basename "$CPATH")>\" cw_color.sh -i \"$OUT\" -o \"$IN\""
 elif ! tmux list-windows -t "$TITLE" | grep -q "$(basename "$CPATH")"; then
 	tmux new-window -d -t "$TITLE" -n "$(basename "$CPATH")" "srw -p \"$(basename "$CPATH")>\" cw_color.sh -i \"$OUT\" -o \"$IN\""