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added colors and formatting stuff to

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+# Make sure to change NICK to your correct nick and feel free to change the formatting to your liking
+reset="$(tput sgr0)"
+bold="$(tput bold)"
+dim="$(tput dim)"
+under="$(tput smul)"
+ununder="$(tput rmul)"
+blink="$(tput blink)"
+rev="$(tput rev)"
+invis="$(tput invis)"
+black="$(tput setaf 0)"
+red="$(tput setaf 1)"
+green="$(tput setaf 2)"
+yellow="$(tput setaf 3)"
+blue="$(tput setaf 4)"
+magenta="$(tput setaf 5)"
+cyan="$(tput setaf 6)"
+white="$(tput setaf 7)"
+bg_black="$(tput setab 0)"
+bg_red="$(tput setab 1)"
+bg_green="$(tput setab 2)"
+bg_yellow="$(tput setab 3)"
+bg_blue="$(tput setab 4)"
+bg_magenta="$(tput setab 5)"
+bg_cyan="$(tput setab 6)"
+bg_white="$(tput setab 7)"
 cw "$@" | sed -e "s/^\([-0-9]\{10,10\}\) \([:0-9]\{5,5\}\) <\(.*\)>/${yellow}\1 ${green}\2${reset} <${cyan}\3${reset}>/" \
               -e "s/^\([-0-9]\{10,10\}\) \([:0-9]\{5,5\}\) \(-!-\)/${yellow}\1 ${green}\2${reset} ${magenta}\3${reset}/" \
               -e "s/^\([-0-9]\{10,10\}\) \([:0-9]\{5,5\}\)/${yellow}\1 ${green}\2${reset}/" \
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