Michael Kuhlen (mqk)

Michael Kuhlen
Pushed to mqk/music
94a63bc merge
d869b09 added support for ellipsoid region files that include velocity information
5f2be5a Added #include <unistd.h> to output plugins so they can see unlink in gnu >= 4.7.0
a158508 fixes to CAMB transfer function plugin. now supports extrapolation out of tabulated region
b116f4c fixed a bug that WDM transfer functions did not work properly with some compilers
Michael Kuhlen
Pushed to mqk/enzo-3.0
447d4b8 More mods to FLD parameter structure. Begun conversion on FLD parameters files in run/RadiationTransportFLD/.
6431d5f Converted parameter_dictionary to a text file, which at compile time is converted to a string constant and #include'd in the source.
cc8c1f3 Finished the libconfig conversion of the remaining FS and gFLD initialization routines. Moved these back into solvers/fld/, but the RadHydro*, RHIonization*, and CosmoIonization* stayed in ...
Michael Kuhlen
Pushed to mqk/enzo-3.0
237b3fc Merged in changes from tip.
c0a7bb3 Aargh, there are more problem initializers in solvers/fld/. I've converted solvers/fld/gFLDProblem_Initialize.C in this changeset, but we really need to sort out how to properly handle ...
960d9dc Fix up index as well.
b5d8445 Switching particles to use particle_* fields.
b08eb16 Adding LeftFaceBoundaryCondition to the list of parameters passed to Python/yt.
Michael Kuhlen
Pushed to mqk/grackle
2ead4fa Added install target to Makefile. Removed all Make.mach.* files except linux-gnu, darwin, and unknown. Got rid of all direct references to Enzo in the make ...
cb59637 Adding short script to help with setting lib paths.
afa5967 Fixing header for python wrapper.
7385e15 More header file cleanup.
3da37e1 Changed header file names to allow it to be linked by an enzo executable.