.FULLCASE and Backreference

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Issue #194 resolved
animalize created an issue

Finding bug is a joy when I fell boring.

All characters are ASCII ones.

# as expected
>>> regex.search(r'(?if)<(CLI)><\1>', '<cli><cli>')
<regex.Match object; span=(0, 10), match='<cli><cli>'>

# once change the last lower-case i to upper-case I, return None
>>> regex.search(r'(?if)<(CLI)><\1>', '<cli><clI>')

# the same as reverse match
>>> regex.search(r'(?ifr)<\1><(CLI)>', '<clI><cli>')

Test on regex 2016.03.26, py 3.5.1 64bit, win10

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  1. Matthew Barnett repo owner

    It handles "I" specially because of the "Turkic I" problem, but there was a bug. :-(

    Fixed in regex 2016.03.31.

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