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Issue #214 resolved
Sandro Tosi created an issue

Hello, when building the debian package, we just started to run unittests using the debug flavor of python:

python 2.7.12~rc1 dbg

test_copy (__main__.RegexTests) ... Fatal Python error: UNREF invalid object

python 3.5.1 dbg

test_branch_reset (__main__.RegexTests) ... python3.5-dbg: ../Objects/abstract.c:2153: PyObject_Call: Assertion `!PyErr_Occurred()' failed.

the os is linux debian unstable (in a chroot with the latest packages), amd64 and running regex at 20160614 erlease

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  1. Matthew Barnett repo owner

    Could you run the regex test script directly so that it will give more details, such as which specific test is failing?

  2. Sandro Tosi reporter

    I'm already running Python?/test_regex.py directly, and i thought the test was mentioned in the output (test_copy for 2.7-dbg and test_branch_reset for 3.5-dbg), but maybe i didnt understand the question

  3. Matthew Barnett repo owner

    When I run the test script, it gives me a traceback showing on which line the error occurred. Aren't you getting such a traceback?

  4. Sandro Tosi reporter

    no i am not :(

    i run the script as:

    PYTHONPATH=$LIB $python-dbg Python2/test_regex.py;

    where $LIB is the path to the result of python setup.py build and $python in this case is always python2.7

  5. Matthew Barnett repo owner

    I might have found the cause of the first problem, but I have no idea about the second problem. This is only guesswork because I'm not seeing any kind of problem here.

  6. Matthew Barnett repo owner

    I've done some fixes in regex 2016.06.19, but as I haven't seen any problem myself, I don't know whether they'll help.

  7. Sandro Tosi reporter

    it looks like you fix them both with 2016.06.19 , as i just rebuild the package and tests run just fine - thanks Matt!!

  8. Matthew Barnett repo owner

    Apparently fixed. It's possible that the problems were due to the same underlying bug causing unpredictable symptoms.

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